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Homeland Water Filter
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Fisher House Foundation
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Why Homeland Filters?

Homeland Filters is the next evolution in our growth to better provide the industries that we serve and to provide a product that we oversee from design to production. We have total control of quality, supply, and inventory which translates to better service to you.

We have for many years contributed to a number of charities locally and nationally. We believe firmly in “paying it forward”. Homeland Filters will enable us to make a greater impact. We reviewed charities and Fisher House Foundation stood high above with 96% of their revenue going to programs that help Military Families.

• Homeland filters are made to OUR specifications and NSF/ANSI standards.
• Designed specifically for the OCS, Vending and Water Industries.
• Homeland Filters are produced in the USA.
• Our goal is to take the Mystery out of Water Filtration and make it easier for sales people and consumers to understand. It simply comes down to two objectives: Clean, safe, good tasting, water and equipment protection. No bells and whistles or smoke and mirrors…just results.
• Color coding filters for easy recognition of product purpose.
• Our American customers will be acknowledged for their contribution to Fisher House as a benefit of their Homeland Filter purchase.

• Our Canadian customers will be acknowledged for their contribution to Valour Place as a benefit of their Homeland Filter purchase.

Our relationship with Omnipure Filter Company spans over 29 years of our 44 years in the water filtration business. Omnipure’s commitment to excellence and integrity has been time tested by us. Through their expertise and our in depth knowledge of our industry Homeland Filters was born.

Butch and Lynn Winkler